I’m in Marvin’s room Sitting by the ‘phone Just staring at them blowing a ‘shroom The click of the keyring before the dial tone Rings loudly The phone I pick it up Cradling my cup set full of Rosé “Talk to me Please say something” She breathes on the other side of the line “I […]

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We are hedonists all the time Indulging in the pleasures we have not worked for We spend long hours in a drunken state of self But we don’t want the sickly hangover that comes after We revel in the joy of youth Bathing in its elixir But we don’t want the pain that comes with […]

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Today marks my 26th year on this earth. The winds blow and buffet me but I refuse to be defined by them. This is to the fullest life I have lived yet. Thank you for being with me every step of the way. Bottom feeder. Pariah. Outcast. Always the labels you try to put on […]

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I am The cardinal of the air Ruler of the Seventh House Lover of the finer things Lord of the element of freedom I am The lustful draught of breath sucked from a lover’s lungs The filled spaces of an empty room I am the sigil of balance Scales tipping every now and then Exotically […]

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The Poet I Never Was

Scrawling, Scrabbling down neat rows, The ink glistens, Sapphire. Always sapphire. Crawling, Descending into nought, The deep seated cravings lower me, Into the pools of thought. Always alone. Running, In the fleeting sunlight, Golden joy dancing on my skin, But at night? Gloom takes hold, Always fright. Sapphire ink, Jotting down yellow sunlight and black […]

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The soft sucking sounds Of air giving way. The musk of your perfume Arousing my nostrils The firm warmth of your breasts Crushed against my chest. The cinnamon taste of your tongue, Spicy and treacly. The soft moan, Strangled in your throat. That moment, When we kissed. Lips to lips, Noses tingling And eyes closed […]

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Words of a Cynic

Too much of everything is bad Yeah even the good things Good doused with a big pinch of salt. Too much love is bad Because it blinds one to the truth Which in turn is mostly ugly And can ruin carefully structured relationships. Too much selflessness is self degrading Talk about being a pawn to […]

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