Careful, Son

This is inspired by some early morning banter by friends. I tried to keep it real. Fugly Mofos, thanks!

Careful son
Don’t come at me like you mad at yo daddy
I am yo pappy
Come here son
Smoke some poppy
Lemme tell you something son
The world holds no favours
Come see conquer
Get yo own chocolate factory Willy Wonka
Give it away cos life ain’t about riches
Don’t give it away
Stay away from them bitches
Careful son
If you lay with dogs you rise with fleas
Scrub yo self and wear some fleece
A hater see you he flees
Scared of yo shadow
They freeze
Envy begets lust
Lust gonna dig you a grave like vengeance
Leave it to the Lord
No occult séance
Rest in knowledge like science
Just keep yo head down son
You don’t need nobody
Either they support or you rise alone
Yo friends ain’t yo friends if they can’t be real
Bring you in like fish on a reel
When you going wrong
If they only witchu when you get yo money
Then you need new friends
Fuck day 1
If they don’t help yo one day
Drop them on the wrong side of the one way
Get high like steam
Pushing that locomotive
They see you they go choo choo
You ain’t stopping
Cos the night train rides for the right brain
Careful son
Don’t look down on yo self
Just remember
You ain’t no god
All men must die
Valar Morghulis
Build yo castle
Raise the portcullis
Be modern
Work medieval
That means long tables and laughter throughout the night
Don’t do little and talk more
Be a giver
Ready to take somebody outta fright
Don’t do it for fame
Not riches
Do it cos it right and you loves what  you do
Not for bants or nothing else
People gonna come for you
Yes men
Oliver Twist
Leeches that wanna drink yo blood
Let them taste nothing but yo success
When they come to you
Let them talk about how you opened their minds not their breeches
Sealed the breaches
Showed them love not bitches
I love you son
I always gotchu
Stay strong
Stay bold
And when yo can’t go on no more?
Sink on your knees and pray
Rise like the sun
Be good
Be God
Be careful son

© sena frost ‘17
Father & son
Image courtesy google images


The Dabbler

I don’t babble

I focus my wit on my prey

Reducing every else into rubble.

Bobbing and weaving


Butterfly floating

In the jungle

Stinging like a yellow jacket

Putting your brain into a jumble

Traffic jammin’

Your world in shambles

Looking up to me from the canvas,

Lights bright

All you hear is the whine of blood rushing through your ears

Imma stand right over you

God’s shadow



Dry Leaves dance slowly

Lit by harmattan sun

Into earth’s arms.


The world isn’t ours for the taking

Seize the day however you might,

But time runs through your hand like sand

Leaving grains of regret

White noise in the picture of your youth

Scarred and graceless,

So no faking,

Look to the light,

Run through the land

Be not uncouth

Don’t fret,

For He will your life bless.



The land lives by the sea


The beach sand kisses the ocean in an eternal romance

But Sea is forever


Churning with the thoughts of the inspired

And it always

Throws the mundane rubbish


Land tosses in

Back at her



© Sena Frost 2k16




You ain’t have to be perfect,

You don’t need to go running or do god-knows how many crunches,

You’re my head prefect

My co-couch potato belching and farting after too many brunches.

Babe I think you’re fucken gorgeous,

Just the way you are,

Regular and of this world

You got a brother saying the magic word

Minding my “P”s and “Q”s

Aiming for a slice of that bread

Steaming hot and baked

Just how I like it.

You ain’t fat,

You chubby and cute like them little dollies,

My own baby phat.


Babe do you think your tits are too small?

That you ain’t got that flat tummy like runway models

Or the backside to fill your pants like them teens at the mall?

You ain’t gotta worry about that,

I think you’re just about right for cuddles,

Not too tall,

Just perfect like teddy huddles,

Soft and mushy,

Tasting like caramel

Too sweet and dark like chocolate

I is bound to you like a Bedouin and his camel

Girl I never wanna be late

To tap that booty

Climbing all over you

Sweat and heat

Steamy like the bayou


You don’t have to be me,

Or try to give a damn about nobody,

Cos you got that hot body,

Only place I call home.

All lit up like Christmas Eve,

Bone of my bone,

I call you Eve,

Cos you the first

In our little Eden (Hazard),


Into our own Paradise.



I think you’re an angel

My little piece of heaven

Right here on earth

My sweet bagel

I ain’t never leavin’

I’m your loving pet,

Your dog,

Down for you whenever


And your mind so beautiful,

Dark and expansive and sparkly like the ocean under a moon full,

Yo mama ain’t raise no fool.

I loves your bikini bod,

And it ain’t nobody’s business

You ma trap queen

And I thought you should know.


© Sena Frost 2k16

Image courtesy


© Sena Frost 2k16


We crave it

Relish it like it’s a God-given gift

Got thugs all lit

Pulling on some good Kush

Like it gonna give their souls a lift

Them girls looking all lush

Lights dancing off that bootie


Drawing power with ya cootie

Putting them cash brokers to slave working

Them accounts like they cotton

Spinning yarns

Call’em tall tales

Power ain’t lies

Just the tip of lions’ tails

Strung up and musical

Waxing and pitching like a lyre

Singing niqqas going lyrical

Whispering sweet nothings

Puppet master’s got the girl


Sweeting that money sauce


She make him better cos she the source

Of a niqqa’s new wheels

Call her marinade


It got a little man bawling

At the top of his lungs

Tryin’ to get his groove on balling

But his mama ain’t let him have that toy.

Pretty girls gon’ make up

To make up

Over blackheads and pimples

That are made up.

Got a student living in paper

With dreams of dealing paper

But how he gon’ spend it

When he ain’t know how life gon’ be lived.



We crave it

Like the neighbourhood patrol

Going trigger happy

Squeezing bullets at nappy headed targets on parole

Baam Bullseye!

Got us saying


To the movers and shakers

Dealing with the devil

With minds twisted

Desire so evil

We draw lots

To see the pillar of salt

Strike a devil’s bargain

To be drunk on power

Comes at a price


It ain’t fo’ free

But we reach out for it

You think I’m lying?

Watch your little kids move you

With teary eyes and sulky faces

Biting deep into your stash

Venomous little snakes putting you through your paces

Constricting hard and making your teeth gnash

Taking all the little spaces


But hey it ain’t all bad

Cos we architects and builders

Using that AutoCAD

Shaping dreams and realities

But control?

I ain’t never let it take my frailties

I submit

So yeah I’m flipping them switches

Touching them buttons

Cos I’m on that cruise control.


© Sena Frost 2k16

image courtesy google images


I insurrect,

Come out of my corner swinging

Aiming to resurrect

Knock some sense into y’all knuckle heads with the rage my fists are bringing

Shake up your intellect

Spittin’ bars of pain

Feet stomping in the yard

Got your head bobbing

Filling you with the feel good factor

Like I hit you up with some codeine and promethazine

Throw it up with some Mountain Dew and Jolly Ranchers,

Got you feeling high and shine like freshly lit turpentine,

Toss you around like a dog mauling a doll with its crunchers.


I ain’t no Shakespeare,

No Allan Poe,

But I got shakes here,

Battling with a very visible foe,

Melanin brewed in my skin,

Team lightskin and darkskin

Yet still blacker than the shadiest night.

They got us chasing our shadows on the wall,

Fists bleeding


Going bump bump bump,

They spitting red

Kinda like Friday the 13th

Starring Krueger Fred.

They carve us alive.

Sane and whole


Call’em Hannibal,


Standing preaching about colour

Like day and night belong with each other.


I speak about my reality,

May not be the truth to you

But it ain’t no fantasy

Kidnapping kids

Hear ‘em shrieking

They leading us lambs to the slaughter

For their fine gourmet dinners

Then we go silent,


Cos we wolves in sheepskins

Call us shape shifters


Children of the dark

You call us niggers



Imma spit Amharic

Cos we children of the Negus

Ask the Weeknd

He gon’ tell you.

We got that high power

Free wheelin’

Like free Willie.

Black is the colour

Black is the night

Black is the past

It ain’t a colour

It’s everything not light,

An absolute

And after we got y’all running scared

We gon’ settle you down

Break bread

But more importantly

We say Grace.



Black power

Own it

Cos we insurrect


King Kong


In the face of violence

Never stand down.

This is a public service announcement kind courtesy of Know yourself.


© Sena Frost 2k16

image courtesy @ghanaposts on Instagram