I remember the moment When I felt alone No good And the world was against me Yes Even you were with them. I remember the moment When we first came together I will never forget the surprise on your face Your dark little eyes shining Black pearls pooled Almost dazed Like it was a dream. […]

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Continuity of Love in Space

I am wont to just grab you from behind and breathe into the hollow of your ear, Nibbling on the lobe, Even as you squirm. I am wont to back you into a wall, Eyes locked on as your breath starts becoming measured and laboured. I am wont to grab you by the bum, Lifting […]

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 Image courtesy Google Images  Charle, as I dey this trosky inside ebe ma last 2 Ghana dey ma pocket inside o. So-so thinking dey ma mind top. The way I no chop too eh. But Fofo too she mess up o. I de take car from Odorkor all the way to East Legon sake of […]