2011: The Back Story

This is the back story to the poem 2011. Please read and enjoy this work of fiction.

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When We Were Young

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG   Dear brother, As I write to you, I am awash with memories, A timeline of pictures streaming backwards. This is an effusion of love, My tale of pride, Of the life we have shared, Brother. I love you, Alternate combination of our parent’s DNA, Alleles and genomes sequenced in a […]

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  “Sena.” I saw the whatsapp message. My heart skipped a beat as I saw the familiar sequence of numbers. Deleted but not forgotten. I shook my head and blinked. I then put the phone away. I swiveled away to look at the laptop screen. The cursor blinked like a metronome at me. It was […]


Hate Poem

You grate me, Chafe my feet, Stub my toes, Your words are my ear’s foes, Because you talk too much. You freeze me, With your frigid silence, And in turn I loathe you, You petulant sulking spoiled brat. Its amazing how we put up with each other, Yes, I know, Its an annoying thing called […]

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