Cardinal Evils

Ɖeka –  Gluttony


Because I have you,

I will use you however I like

I’ll be damned if I must share with anybody else

You are mine

It’s that simple


Eve – lust

I long for you

You who put desire within my loins

swelling with carnal energy

I need not hide my desire

Why should I?

When all I want is you



Etɔ̃ Greed

You are not enough

I must have more of you

I will gather all the parts of you scattered into the wind

Because I need to have you


Ene – Pride

I have you.

Why should I have to settle for anything less?

Why should I give you away for anyone who needs you more?

I am better than them

I am the greater good

I deserve the best



Atɔ̃ Envy


Why do you have the best and not me?

I don’t understand

Am I not good enough to have the best?

When clearly you would fit me better?



Ade – Wrath

I don’t care if someone else has you

I will take you, and I will kill anyone who attempts to try saving you

Even if you are the one trying to save yourself

If I cannot have you no one else will




Who works after having the best?

You are here forever

I have all the time in the world

There is no hurry

There is always tomorrow



Enyi – Condemnation

I am in darkness

Host for the seven evils

Feeding off my sin

My mortal imperfection

Makes me prone to the Cardinal Evil

I should be dead before the day is done

Consumed by nightfall

I will not be forgiven

This I know

 I am in the lowest depths of Tartarus

A slave to my own Inferno

I burn

In the flames that do not purify

All hope is abandoned

And in my hell

A voice whispers to me

“But I AM”


Botticelli’s Map of Dante’s inferno – courtesy google images

© Sena Frost – ‘17


White Raven


Perched in the rafters

Keen eyes watching

Always watching

After all you’re the messenger of the All Father

At least to some

You’re just a trouble maker


Uncomfortable with any truth that is not yours.
Harbinger of death

Omen of ill fortune

You soar the skies

Harassing the kites

Harrying the eagles even

Mob justice at its finest

When you steal kills

And tell stories of a hunt you never made.
You preen golden feathers from your plumage

Dancing in scarlet blood

When you proclaim judgement on carrion

Preaching injustice and prejudice

Sowing discord and reaping chaos

Carry on!

Douse yourself with dust.
Mock the jays

Rob the cocks

Stab the robins

Swallow the sparrows

Clean up with the bustards and buzzards

Unwanted one

Not fit for anything but gossip.
You see nothing good

Except for you

At least your brethren do not hide themselves in their inky blackness

Your magpie cousins love the shiny things

But you?

You stand out in full colour

You’re an apostate

Conspicuous in the harangue of your self proclaimed enlightenment.
Your duty to religion will be the death of you

It snows not here

And while you glide the thermals for the latest gossip

Some trigger happy kid will shoot you out of the sky with a sling

His daddy will stuff you and put you in a display case for quick cash

You’re your own ill omen

Life is the harbinger of your doom

False prophet

Freak of nature!

Be consumed by your own lies

Oh one more thing

Next time be born black.


image courtesy @archillects on twitter
© sena frost ’17



My eyes flick open

In the darkness

I lay there

Listening to the sounds

The guttural whine of stomachs emptying

The grindstone whirs

Muscled into

Revolutions per minute

Gyrating to

Steady kinetic energy


From the thoughts


The makers



the day sparks into being

being alive

maybe it’s just a dream

I wield an ax

Still in the dark

No, it’s not all dark

There’s some sun

Sifting through the bars of the too small window

But just enough

To know that

I see

I’m alive




The handle is rough in my hands

Hewn clumsily

yet skillfully balanced

I swing

Feel the muscles ripple

In response to

Synapses crackling

Terabytes of data

Shooting in an instance

A single arc of


The doors clank open



I hear them first

As I shuffle in the semi darkness

Right hand firmly planted on the wall

It pulsates

From the stamping of feet

The slice of metal on metal

Climbs above the din


The scratch of well-balanced gaits

Locked in a dance in the sands


Then a roar



I am fettered

The cool metal clinks around my waist

My left leg bound

To a ball

My hands

My hands are free

But only just

Chains snake from my forearms

To my ax handle

I can move

In a clumsy man’s shuffle




The searing pain

Sets my pores ablaze

The sun


My wrists smoulder


My chains burn

Etching themselves into my skin

My eyelids flicker



He strikes first

Instinctively I parry

Then dig my heels in

There is a whoosh

As he swings

Too wide

I duck and jab

Into his solar plexus

A heavy grunt

Then there is sand in my eyes

I hear his feet shift

The ground shakes

From the stomping

I am fettered

He swings

Too wide again

I dance away

And swing

An arc curving upwards

I slice

Through skin and bone and sinew

Warm blood kisses my feet

Then there is the roar



The greater good is a necessary evil

It forces men to think outside themselves

For the ultimate pride

We are but playthings

Discarded when we are broken

Cut down in the bloom of youth

Or old and frail and degenerate

If they try to linger

Maybe one day we will know God

Perhaps not

The cool water washes it away


Leaving not a scar

Of the day



I am unbound

And a brand

White hot

Is held to my cheek

I scream

Not that it matters

A chuck of spit crowns my head

Accompanied by

A flurry of rotten vegetables

And old man’s urine

I see their eyes

Little pools of judgement

And a sadness

Burning behind


They are sunken in belief

Of everything but themselves

The curses

Smiting my ears

If only they worked



The pain!

It cuts through my back

The whip cracks


Oh pain

Sweet unceasing pain

After a while

I feel nothing

Smell nothing

Taste nothing

But the coppery tang of blood in my mouth

I see red

As I am jolted to my feet

Everything fades away

White noise

Nothing matters

It breaks you down

Every time you wake

The ultimate savage

Rendering equality as myth


I am weary


I am alone

A recollection

Of what was

My eyes shut close

Into darkness


©_sena_frost ‘17


Old-Man Logan-Wolverine, X-Men. Marvel Comics

image courtesy



What are you doing here?

Our purpose is to be at the top of of the food chain,
Few natural enemies,
An excuse to live vain.
Our purpose is to think far and deep,
Pondering over circumstances we were never meant to create,
Tossing and turning over due to lack of sleep.
Our purpose is to create,
Whether order and life,
Or chaos and destruction.
In this mêlée we create gods,
Fodder for our imagination,
Fanciful stories and tales barely believable.
We proclaim stones as magical,
And call bones supernatural.
We deny the gifts of our bodies,
For habits which put us in harm’s way.
We will die.
End of story.
What is our purpose?
Don’t tell me a realm no one alive has ever seen,
For hearsay is not admissible.
Why do we live,
Build our bodies,
Live long,
So in the end our names end up being all that’s left.
Why do we worry about a green earth,
When it wipes itself clean every now and then?
Why are we obsessed with immortality
But ignore the finite happiness each day brings.
Make love
Not war.
And as far as I am concerned no rule is iron clad.
My life is in my hands,
It’s what I will make of it.
At the same time its supposedly not mine own.
What is our purpose?
I suppose we will find out when the torture ends.
Why try so hard to be relevant
When what you must do is live?
There are no heroes or villains,
Who determines right or wrong,
When what matters is survival.
What is the Word,
Because nirvana exists
In the spheres of our minds.
So our purpose,
Our reason for living,
Is to die.

© Sena Frost 2015