Cardinal Evils

Ɖeka –  Gluttony   Because I have you, I will use you however I like I’ll be damned if I must share with anybody else You are mine It’s that simple   Eve – lust I long for you You who put desire within my loins swelling with carnal energy I need not hide my […]

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White Raven

Cawing Perched in the rafters Keen eyes watching Always watching After all you’re the messenger of the All Father At least to some You’re just a trouble maker Warmonger Uncomfortable with any truth that is not yours. Harbinger of death Omen of ill fortune You soar the skies Harassing the kites Harrying the eagles even […]

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i. My eyes flick open In the darkness I lay there Listening to the sounds The guttural whine of stomachs emptying The grindstone whirs Muscled into Revolutions per minute Gyrating to Steady kinetic energy Centrifuging From the thoughts Of The makers   ii. the day sparks into being being alive maybe it’s just a dream […]

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What are you doing here?

Our purpose is to be at the top of of the food chain, Few natural enemies, An excuse to live vain. Our purpose is to think far and deep, Pondering over circumstances we were never meant to create, Tossing and turning over due to lack of sleep. Our purpose is to create, Whether order and […]

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