Today marks my 26th year on this earth. The winds blow and buffet me but I refuse to be defined by them. This is to the fullest life I have lived yet. Thank you for being with me every step of the way. Bottom feeder. Pariah. Outcast. Always the labels you try to put on […]

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Careful, Son

This is inspired by some early morning banter by friends. I tried to keep it real. Fugly Mofos, thanks! Careful son Don’t come at me like you mad at yo daddy I am yo pappy Come here son Smoke some poppy Lemme tell you something son The world holds no favours Come see conquer Get […]

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This Beautiful Boy continued

As I crash and burn through life Sometimes imploding in a single moment of strife A failure in an otherwise successful mission Challenger On the brink of a jubilee silver Lining in the clouds I don’t often see. I know one thing, I’m alive.   I’m probably not your average Joe, Although I admit I’m […]

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Don’t Waste My Time (the creed)

So I was inspired by Krept & Konan’s Don’t Waste My Time. Truely I’m adopting that phrase as my motto for the year. Don’t waste your time on unimportant things. Please enjoy. Photo credit: Google images I Brothers at arms We grew up on farms Cultivating the seeds of intellect. Fragile and uncommon, Sold to […]

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