When Poverty Goes Hunting

After the last embers of your fire go out And the inky blackness sweeps in suddenly It becomes one with the erstwhile dancing shadows The sniffing stops And You know nothing holds it away any longer You can feel the earth tremble beneath its footfalls As it sends the hairs on the back of your […]

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Little Miss Runaway

Little miss runaway, What are you doing here with your pink backpack and lunchbox? So far from home Ruining your pretty little shoes from all that walking. Little miss runaway, Why are you running from school? Did someone pinch your ear? Or make fun of your new lunchbox? Did they call you funny names to […]

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Today marks my 26th year on this earth. The winds blow and buffet me but I refuse to be defined by them. This is to the fullest life I have lived yet. Thank you for being with me every step of the way. Bottom feeder. Pariah. Outcast. Always the labels you try to put on […]

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Careful, Son

This is inspired by some early morning banter by friends. I tried to keep it real. Fugly Mofos, thanks! Careful son Don’t come at me like you mad at yo daddy I am yo pappy Come here son Smoke some poppy Lemme tell you something son The world holds no favours Come see conquer Get […]

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This Beautiful Boy continued

As I crash and burn through life Sometimes imploding in a single moment of strife A failure in an otherwise successful mission Challenger On the brink of a jubilee silver Lining in the clouds I don’t often see. I know one thing, I’m alive.   I’m probably not your average Joe, Although I admit I’m […]

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Don’t Waste My Time (the creed)

So I was inspired by Krept & Konan’s Don’t Waste My Time. Truely I’m adopting that phrase as my motto for the year. Don’t waste your time on unimportant things. Please enjoy. Photo credit: Google images I Brothers at arms We grew up on farms Cultivating the seeds of intellect. Fragile and uncommon, Sold to […]

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