I am The cardinal of the air Ruler of the Seventh House Lover of the finer things Lord of the element of freedom I am The lustful draught of breath sucked from a lover’s lungs The filled spaces of an empty room I am the sigil of balance Scales tipping every now and then Exotically […]

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What are you doing here?

Our purpose is to be at the top of of the food chain, Few natural enemies, An excuse to live vain. Our purpose is to think far and deep, Pondering over circumstances we were never meant to create, Tossing and turning over due to lack of sleep. Our purpose is to create, Whether order and […]

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This Beautiful Boy

This beautiful boy, Is six foot three. So handsome he is described as having beautiful features; a pretty face. He is so young and carefree. Hence his thoughts ask, “What can be pure but not good?” He thinks of a lot of shit. Funny, Y’all would say deep. This beautiful boy writes, “I loved watching […]

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Knowing Not

I Repeated actions, Motions, Force fulcrum and load, Physics Habits ingrained into my psyche, Faded smiles on a piece of paper, Memories II “Do you love me?” he asked, “Obviously not anymore. You’re no longer man enough for me.” She blew wisps of smoke in his face. He winced, There was a slash, Shrill scream. […]

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I am, Bland, Tasteless, Colourless, Odorless, Speaking on a thorny issue (briar-rose), Young and misguided, Misunderstood and misconstrued, The boy made a man yet at heart a woman. Alloy of transmutable elements, Base metal and gold (alchemy), No transgender crap but yeah, Feeble minds rule the day. Equality for all is asymmetric balance, Tall, short, […]

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