A Rant on Living With Heartbreak

Heartbreak comes across at some point in people’s lives. This is a rant on killing that pain.

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When Poverty Goes Hunting

After the last embers of your fire go out And the inky blackness sweeps in suddenly It becomes one with the erstwhile dancing shadows The sniffing stops And You know nothing holds it away any longer You can feel the earth tremble beneath its footfalls As it sends the hairs on the back of your […]

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Death of The Beautiful Boy

I’m dying I’m dying I’m dying I’m dying This resonates with me It gets harder to compose my thoughts like this I become a scattergun And With every heartbeat I inch closer to my dying day   I’m dying Because nothing makes sense to me anymore I am concussed From taking on one too many […]

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I am lost Lost in things other than myself I lost myself in wholes Which were rabbit holes I had dug for myself I consorted with spirits I believed were kindred Alas They were neither kind nor red I am lost In the labyrinth of my mind Escaping the minotaur of my thoughts Crawling on […]

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I am The cardinal of the air Ruler of the Seventh House Lover of the finer things Lord of the element of freedom I am The lustful draught of breath sucked from a lover’s lungs The filled spaces of an empty room I am the sigil of balance Scales tipping every now and then Exotically […]

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What are you doing here?

Our purpose is to be at the top of of the food chain, Few natural enemies, An excuse to live vain. Our purpose is to think far and deep, Pondering over circumstances we were never meant to create, Tossing and turning over due to lack of sleep. Our purpose is to create, Whether order and […]

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This Beautiful Boy

This beautiful boy, Is six foot three. So handsome he is described as having beautiful features; a pretty face. He is so young and carefree. Hence his thoughts ask, “What can be pure but not good?” He thinks of a lot of shit. Funny, Y’all would say deep. This beautiful boy writes, “I loved watching […]

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