Old Testament: Memories Of The Flood

He was a young soldier, fighting a war on foreign soil. He was numb to the horrors of war, but not of his mind. It was a deluge of pain wrought from suppression. It began as always with a gathering of dust

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Purple Tiger

I met a purple tiger dancing among the gossamer clouds of an orange sunset I asked her what she was doing hiding between the sun and the land And she roared A beautiful melody of soapsud bubbles Iridiscent in the twilit skies Then she rose into the blue evening on cat feet Leaving in her […]

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When Poverty Goes Hunting

After the last embers of your fire go out And the inky blackness sweeps in suddenly It becomes one with the erstwhile dancing shadows The sniffing stops And You know nothing holds it away any longer You can feel the earth tremble beneath its footfalls As it sends the hairs on the back of your […]

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The Saga of the Old Gods

In the preceding decades When we were young gods With fire in our bellies Spitting lightning Every step we took was an earthquake Every footfall a thunderclap We were Metaphysical forces beyond nature Primal With Strength unbridled The life coursed through my veins I knew it all I had it all There was nothing I […]

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Breakfast or Late

Five minutes. That is all it took for the duration of my journey to work to change from an hour 15 minutes to two hours. I could complain about the inefficient transport system but that is a rant for another day. The reason for the delay is simple; breakfast. I have been working since I […]

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