When Poverty Goes Hunting

After the last embers of your fire go out And the inky blackness sweeps in suddenly It becomes one with the erstwhile dancing shadows The sniffing stops And You know nothing holds it away any longer You can feel the earth tremble beneath its footfalls As it sends the hairs on the back of your […]

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See this life no get formula I no go lie you Ibi beans ankasa Them say make you go school then mow hard Then go uni You fini then do your service aa them go see whassup for you You de mine You no de do them things the other boys de do sake of […]

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Remind Me

Remind me Of the time before we were lovers Of spa mornings And weed evenings Sexual afternoons spent panting on a rickety bed groaning the rhythms of a promised love to the crickety whispers of a blown out fan Remind me of Warm weather beaches Of the longing To tug on the strings of your […]

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We are hedonists all the time Indulging in the pleasures we have not worked for We spend long hours in a drunken state of self But we don’t want the sickly hangover that comes after We revel in the joy of youth Bathing in its elixir But we don’t want the pain that comes with […]

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